Finding God’s Grace Top 10 List for 2017

2017 was another wonderful year for and the Finding God’s Grace in Everyday Life blog.  We completed our 5th year and have a catalog of over 250 stories and 176 podcasts with more on the way in 2018.

A Storytellers Guide to a Grace-Filled Life was finally published!  It was a long journey and it took suspending my blog last summer, but the book is selling well in paperback and on Kindle.  An audio version of the book will be available through Audible an Amazon company in late January and the book should be available in bookstores in mid-January.  We are planning a Spanish language version mid-year.

My second book, Making It through Hard Times; A Storytellers Guide is almost completed.  We are planning a release in May/June of 2018.

In 2017, I am honored to have had several articles published in Shalom Tidings Magazine a wonderful bi-monthly Christian magazine from Shalom Media.  Look for me in 2018

And, I was been honored to be featured as a monthly guest on Spirit in the Morning with my friend Gary Zimak on Holy Spirit Radio in Philadelphia.

Here are the top 10 stories from 2017:

  1. I Lost a Friend Today
  2. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming
  3. What Do We Gain from Prayer?
  4. A Thanksgiving Rosary Idea
  5. Quit Your Complaining
  6. Lord, if You had been Here
  7. Who are the Lepers of Today?
  8. Well Known or Worth Knowing
  9. Homeless in Nashville
  10. That Your Joy may be Complete

Here are the top 10 Podcasts from 2017:

  1. Growing Older is a Blessing
  2. Escape the Noise
  3. Be Passionate
  4. A Quiet Ego
  5. 3 of Me
  6. Is Mario Andretti My Guardian Angel?
  7. She called me an Angel
  8. Bad Company
  9. Lord, If You had Been Here
  10. A Lesson and a Cure

Thank you all so much. A toast to a healthy and happy 2018, overflowing with God’s amazing grace!

A Storytellers Guide to a Grace-Filled life is available at in both trade paperback and Kindle editions.

Click on the picture below to link to Amazon.


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