A Thanksgiving Rosary Idea

Seven years ago, on the day I first was diagnosed with colon cancer, I returned home from the doctor’s office to an e-mail from Paul McManus with the 7 Great Prayers. This e-mail later became a book by the same name that I hand out to friends and acquaintances.   One of the prayers is a simple “Thank you, God…..”

rosaryI remember praying that short prayer that night, “Thank you God for the early diagnosis, thank you for a loving wife who will help me get through, thank you for my faith, thank you for my friends” and so on until my little prayer of gratitude ended 90 minutes later. I couldn’t believe how blessed I am and how many things Our Lord has given me!  I’ve shared that story over the years and today a friend, Pat McNeill, said that he remembered my story and used this simple prayer during adoration.  Only he thanked God for something on each bead as he prayed the rosary.  What was wonderful was that as Pat prayed he always had another thank you ready as the next Hail Mary began and said that when he had completed the rosary, he still could think of many more.  He said it was one of the most meaningful rosaries that he had prayed in a long time.

What a great idea for Thanksgiving!  Pray a rosary with a grateful “Thank You” on each bead.  I’m going to try it tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day, and I invite you to do the same.

What do you think?  Do you have any ideas to make this better?  I’d love to hear from you. And may each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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