Learning to Love with the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir (Book Review)

Learning to Love with the Saints -- front cover 231 x 346Learning to Love with the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir is the latest offering from Catholic author and blogger Jean Heimann.  Her blog, Catholic Fire has been a favorite of mine for several years and her first book, Seven Saints for Seven Virtues, gave me the opportunity to interview Jean on my Catholic Radio program in 2015.  Since then, Jean has become my go to writer on the lives of the saints.  I am so happy that she asked me to participate in the blog tour for her new book.

Learning to Love with the Saints is part personal story and part faith journey woven together in a beautiful spiritual memoir I couldn’t put down.

To say that Jean has been there and done that is an understatement.  Her personal story of life and loss take us on an intimate journey of divorce, drug abuse, job loss, financial hardships, and physical problems.

But through all of the hardships and loss, she was drawn to and strengthened by the influence of the saints and how they overcame similar problems on their path to sainthood.

If you are currently undergoing some difficulty in your life, I highly recommend Jean’s book.  I promise that you will be inspired by her honesty and never give up attitude, guided by the saints.

In this year of mercy, Jean has taken the sometimes unbelievable lives of the saints and made them come alive by modelling the virtues they lived by.

Learning to Love with the Saints is a quick read, hard to put down, moving and beautiful love story of hope and mercy.

Learning to Love with the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir by Jean M. Heimann, Mercy Press, 13.99

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jeanheimanJEAN M. HEIMANN is a Catholic author and freelance writer with an M.A. in Theology, a parish minister and a diocesan speaker, a retired psychologist and educator, and an Oblate with the Community of St. John.  In addition to her highly acclaimed first book, Seven Saints for Seven Virtues, Jean has had her work published in a variety of Catholic periodicals, some of which include: National Catholic Register, Catholic Exchange, Canticle Magazine, and St. Anthony Messenger/America. Visit Jean at her award-winning blog, Catholic Fire http://catholicfire.blogspot.com/

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