Seven Saints for Seven Virtues (Book Review)

7saintsIt is often said that every saint started out as a sinner. But there is something special about the lives of every saint that sets them apart and makes them wonderful examples of how we too can become more saint-like.

Jean Heimann not only understands this but she has made the study of saints and their lives a life-long interest. In her book, Seven Saints for Seven Virtues, Jean take a deep look into the lives of seven of her favorites and how their lives were molded by virtues.

Jean does a beautiful job of matching seven well known saints each with a virtue that seemed to be the driving force in their lives, Mother Teresa and charity, St. Agnes and chastity, St. John Paul and diligence, St. Joseph and humility, St. Catherine of Siena and kindness, St Monica and patience, and St. Augustine and temperance.

If you are just starting out reading about the lives of the saints or if you have had a long fascination with the lives of saints, you can enjoy this book. In it she shares a comprehensive reading list that anyone who loves reading about the saints will find invaluable.jeanheiman

It is easy to tell that Jean has a real love, admiration and connection with each of the saints in the book and her beautiful writing proves it.

I enjoyed reading, Seven Saints for Seven Virtues. In it, I learned some ways that I can try to live these virtues, just like they did, and some examples from Jean’s life that give me contemporary ways of doing just that. I highly recommend it.

Seven Saints for Seven Virtues



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