Great Catholic Parishes-A Living Mosaic (Review)

The statistics aren’t good, church attendance is at an all-time low and getting worse! Yet, there are many parishes in the United States that are not only growing but flourishing.  What makes for a vibrant parish? And, what can other parish communities learn to thrive?

That is the subject of Great Catholic Parishes-A Living Mosaic by William E. Simon Jr. Bill Simon is a successful businessman and founder of Parish Catalyst, an organization researching and supporting parishes in becoming vibrant and healthy communities.

Simon and his team looked at 244 Catholic parishes to see what made them different and exceptional.  He shares these findings in the book.

The common thread that these vibrant parishes share was four fundamental practices.

  • Shared Leadership
  • Spiritual Maturity and a plan for Discipleship
  • Excel on Sundays
  • Intentionally Evangelize

The book is filled with stories, ideas, strategies and advice from pastors at thriving parishes.

This is a must read for pastors, lay ministers, and parish councils concerned with the decline in church attendance and wanting to build a healthy vibrant parish community.

I highly recommend, Great Catholic Parishes-A Living Mosaic by William E. Simon Jr., Ave Maria Press, $17.95.


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