One Life

**Daily Grace(2)I saw this post on the Internet.  I don’t know Ray and Mary Jo but I loved their story.  It speaks volumes!**

This is the first day of “9 Days for Life” and my wife Mary Jo and I volunteered to participate. This is not about politics, legalities or women’s rights. In out minds, there is nothing more sacred than life. The death of our 4 parents, and most especially, the tragic loss of our first grandchild only reinforced our feelings. But what most people don’t know is what my mother told me many times… her pregnancy with me put her own health at serious risk, and her doctor – way back in 1957, told her that she should consider her options. My loving mother went on total bed rest, and accepted the risk. Often in my adult years she talked with my wife and I about this, and asked what her life would be like without both of us, our four married children, and our beautiful 11 grandbabies. The answer, of course, NONE of them would have been in her life if I had not been born. We are so grateful for her love, and our prayer is for God’s Love to soften and console the hearts of anyone who may be angry, confused or uncertain of their own feelings about the Sanctity of human life. Thank you for reading. Thank you for loving. – Ray and Mary Jo

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