I Didn’t Recognize Her

I Didn’t Recognize HerOn Saturday, I went to a local neighborhood music festival, Porch Rokr, where bands perform from the front porches of the homes in the area.  I was there to see my friend’s son perform.

While I was watching the show, a woman approached me and gave me a warm greeting.  For a moment I was confused.  Who was this person greeting me so kindly?  She was wearing a baseball cap and I could see that she was bald from chemo therapy.

Then, I recognized her.  We exchanged hugs and some small talk but I was tongue tied by her appearance.  I had not seen her in a while and my slowness in recognizing her was embarrassing to me.  I really was searching for what to say.

Later, all I could think about was how bad things, like cancer, happen to such nice people.  I know God has a plan for her.  My job is to pray.

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