The Value of a Good HugToday I received this response from an article I wrote called The Value of a Good Hug.


Ashamed to say, divorced. Children grown and never see or my grands. Never get hug or touched.  Recently, I went to stay at the home of a friend. Her husband is from England. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. You can not imagine how it made me feel. Cared for. Remember. Mattered. I couldn’t tell him as probably he might not understand. He will never know how he made me feel … like a human. You see I forgot what I was missing….love!

Thanks for the hugs.


It’s amazing what a hug can do to make someone feel cared for, remembered, and that they matter.  Hugs are powerful, take it from a compulsive hugger!   If you missed the story in July you can link to it here.

Let’s send a long distance hug to Candy in the UK.

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