At the Taco Bell Drive-Thru

mariansclosetA couple of weeks ago Jeff, Mark, Dave and I played golf in a charity outing for Marian’s Closet, a ministry that provides clothing and household items for those in need in our community.

With a 10AM tee time, we had the chance to attend 8AM mass before leaving for the course.  The guys were stopping for coffee but I felt I needed something more substantial, like a cheesy burrito with bacon, from Taco Bell.

As I pulled up to the take out window, the young female voice at the other end seemed strained, as if she had been crying.  I ordered my regular burrito with a free senior citizens coffee, and pulled up to the window.

There were three of the workers waiting to speak to me at the drive in window.  They recognized my voice and my order.

“What’s wrong,” I inquired.

“Brittany and her one year old baby were is an accident last night on the turnpike.  They were hit from behind by a semi-truck and had to be life-flighted to the hospital,” was the reply.

I asked if they had any update, but they were still waiting to hear something from the hospital.

“We don’t know what we can do, Tony.  We feel so helpless to do something.”

“You can pray!” I quietly offered.

And pray we did.  Right there, at the drive in window, at the Taco Bell, for Brittany and Ezekiel, her son.

Both are recovering, both will be ok, and a few days later at the drive-in window, we agreed to continue to pray for both of them.

Later, as we began our round of golf, I was able to share this story with my buddies.

“I guess God wanted you to go to Taco Bell today!” Jeff offered.  I guess he did.

By the way, we won the tournament!

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