Return; How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church (Review)

brandon vogtOne of the most pressing and least discussed problems in the church is the rapidly declining numbers of millennials that are leaving the church.

Pressing because the numbers are reaching a critical level and least discussed because of the feeling of shame that is felt by strong, devoted Catholics, who raised their children in the faith, only to see them leave somewhere between their Confirmation and college graduation.

It’s a subject that is dear to my heart and one that I have written about in the past.  My article, When My Children Have Lost the Faith can be found here.

That’s why Brandon Vogt’s, Return; How to Draw Your Child back to the Church is needed.  Vogt, at age 29, brings a unique understands to the many reasons that young Catholics are leaving the faith.  It is an understanding that returnfew older Catholics can understand.  Brandon Vogt has the ability cut through the misinformation and debunk the myths of why this exile is happening.  One of those myths; that they eventually return to the faith when they marry or have children may have been true at one time, but no longer.

Vogt’s book is easy to read, with straight forward language, and walks the reader through understanding the problem, establishing a game plan, and overcoming objections.

Personally, I have read just about everything written on the subject.  That is why I strongly recommend Return; How to Draw Your Child back to the Church, by Brandon Vogt, Numinous Books, $15.99 It is the best and most complete book on the subject, written by someone close to the age and lifestyle of those Catholic Millennials in America.  The book is available as a paperback, on Kindle or Nook and has a video course based on the book that is an amazing companion.

This is a book that every parent and grandparent need to read.

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