Finding God’s Grace Radio-Week of 1/12/2015

pattiArmsttrongFinding God’s Grace Radio Program for the week of January 12, 2015.  Our guests on this program are Catholic author and speaker Patti Maguire Armstrong and Author and Director of the Canter for Preaching, Evangelization and Prayer, Karla Bellinger.

My guest in the first half hour of Finding God’s Grace is author Patti Maguire Armstrong.  In this segment we discuss Patti’s writing career and how she manages writing with 10 kids including 2 adopted children.

In segment 2 of the Program, Patti discusses her recent books and talks about the projects that she is currently working on. For more information on Patti and her blog, books and speaking go to

Our guest in the second half hour is Karla Bellinger, author of the book, Connecting KarlaBellinger1Pulpit and Pew.  Karla discusses preaching and homiletics in the Catholic Church and how we can have better preaching.

In the final segment of the show, Karla discusses why 18-34 years old’s feel that the church is not relating to them in its preaching. For more information on Karla’s book and the Center from Preaching, Evangelization and  Prayer go to  Also in this segment, a podcast from Tony.

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