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“There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”     Albert Einstein


Words like “coincidence”, “serendipity”, and phrases like “right place at the right time” and “lucked out” have never resonated with me.  I guess that is why I have always liked this quote from Einstein.  I’m one of those people that see the handiwork of God in the little occurrences of everyday life.  If we go through life as if everything is a miracle from God, then we are able to observe small things and remember them “Big”.

Remembering “big” is a major component of storytelling and as you read this blog, you will wonder if the stories I tell here are true.  Did they really happen?  The answer is YES!  God’s grace is everywhere and all we need to do to experience it is to slow down enough to observe, and start with the premise that nothing is a coincidence.

As you will notice, I post twice a week.

On Sunday, I post my weekly story in the my blog section.  You can subscribe by e-mail or in your RSS reader and have the story e-mailed or available on your reader at 7 AM Monday morning.  You can subscribe by clicking here.

On Wednesday, I post a new podcast.  These brief (under 3 minute) stories in my own words are a great midweek pick-me-up. If you subscribe these podcasts will be delivered to your email or reader at 7AM Thursday morning. You can subscribe by clicking here.

Hopefully, a few stories will touch you in such a way that you begin to see God’s handiwork in your everyday life, as well.  If so, then the blog and podcasts are a success.