Top Weekend Reads-13 Thing to Do after RCIA


Here are some of my most shared and liked links of the week for your weekend reading pleasure.  If you are like me, you bookmark lots of great content to share later.  Here are a few thing I read this week that I really enjoyed.

  • A great article from Catholic Newbie Lyn Mettler, a recent RCIA grad, on thing to do to follow up.  A great list for all of us. Read it here.
  • Deborah Gaudino offers 5 ways to grow in Gratitude.  You can read Deborah post here.
  • An interesting piece by Catholic blogger James Milliken on evangelizing to people who just don’t care.  Read it here.
  • Eyes on Heaven blogger Ellen Mady has advice we can all use in, 7 Ways to Add More Hours to the day.  When you get a minute, you can read it here.

I hope you enjoy reading these great Catholic bloggers.  I plan on posting my Top Weekend Reads every Friday.  If you would like more, be sure to follow me on twitter @tonyagnesi.

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