The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis

church-of-mercy-bookcoverPope Francis’ new book is out, released this week.  I received a copy from my advanced order at Amazon Tuesday afternoon.  I spent the evening reading with great interest the writings of a man I have grown to love and admire this past year.

The material in the book is not new.  It is a compilation of his speeches, key homilies and papers released during the first year of his papacy.  Some of the content I have already read from the Vatican web site and reposts on social media sites from fellow Catholic bloggers this past year.

The book can be read in short increments, one homily or speech at a time, by the arranged ten themes of the book, or in one sitting, as I did.

Pope Francis’ is an easy read.  He writes like he speaks, and most of his homilies are brief, to the point and easily digested.  He is not one to repeat himself and prefers to make one simple point is each writing.  Church-of-Mercy-Pope-Francis-Quote17

The books opening homily is one that I had already read, from last April when I was seeking out material from the newly elected pope.  It is entitled, “The Embrace of God’s Mercy” and refers to some of my favorite scripture on the parable of the prodigal son.

In reading Pope Francis’ book, you get a strong understanding of his vision for the Catholic Church moving forward, and an exciting vision it is!  This is a book with a clear path for the Catholic church, from a man who, in my opinion, is the right person at exactly the right time to lead us.

The Church of Mercy



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