Not a Bead, but a “Glory Be!”

living rosarySeveral times a year, our parish does a living rosary.  Each person represents a bead on the rosary and they form a human chain around the entire church representing each decade.  One by one, they approach the statue of the blessed mother and recite their Our Father or Hail Mary.

I have attended several of these beautiful living rosaries over the years, but I never recall being asked to be a bead.  I think I was an assistant bead once.  That is a person who accompanies the bead but doesn’t get to say anything.  That’s tough for me!

While I was humorously bemoaning the fact that I have been overlooked as bead material over the years, my friend, Deacon Roger overheard my whining.

He told me the story of a young boy who was also overlooked when the sisters at the school selected the kids to be bead’s at the school living rosary.

“Sister”, he moaned.  “I have never been a bead.”

And the wise and compassionate nun said, but you are a “Glory Be!”

A “Glory Be,” the young man asked with a confused look on his face.

“Yes,” sister replied.   “Glory Be” is said on the chain between the beads, and we both know that the chain holds the entire rosary together! So you have a very important role”

“That’s it,” I thought.  Just like the little boy, I am a ‘Glory be’, and I can help hold the rosary together.

Now if I can only get over being picked last as a first grader playing “The Farmer in the Dell!”  I guess I prefer being a ‘glory be’ to “the cheese!”

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