Father Andrew Apostoli-Quote

frandrew“There may be bitterness on the part of many homeless, or frustration with their situation. This can be softened or even broken down by kindness. Mother Teresa, when asked why she did not join with civil government programs to meet the needs of the poor and homeless, answered that she and her Sisters had something to give the government does not: Christlike love and care. A piece of bread to eat and a bed to sleep in are only a beginning of a response to the needs of the homeless. More deeply, they also need to experience a sense of their own dignity as children of God, despite their material situation. This requires that we reach out to them with the attitude of Christ, who did not disdain to eat and drink even with people who were considered outcasts in society.”

—Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R.

From his book “What to Do When Jesus is Hungry: A Practical Guide to the Works of Mercy”.