Enjoy The Mangos

Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span? Matthew 6:27

mangoWhen we are given a gift, we often times are at a loss for words as to what to say.  “You shouldn’t have.” “I can’t accept this.” I really don’t know what to say.” The responses go on and on.  What if we simply said, “thank you!”  That’s it, just “Thank You!”

Following my cancer surgery, when I learned that I was cancer-free (eight years now, thank God!) I had a million questions.  My wise Indian doctor after fielding several told me of an old saying in India: “Aam Khao, ped, kyon ginte ho?” Loosely translated, it means: Enjoy your mango, and don’t worry about what particular tree it comes from.

In other words, God has blessed you with a gift, a cancer-free diagnoses.  It isn’t important to know every detail of the surgery, it’s is only important to enjoy the gift.  Too often we get hung up on the details, and forget that it is the gift that’s important.

This is what happens when our thoughts are fixed on the future and not the present. We spend so much time worrying about the details, that we forget the gift that is the present.  For me, it was worry about the surgery, recovery, my wife, family and even death.  I spend so much time worrying, that I failed to stop and simply thank God, and enjoy the mangos!

To avoid worrying about the future, we must savor and relish the present.  Enjoy your surroundings, the people close to you, and the beauty of the day.  Live in the moment!  Every moment of every day is a gift to be enjoyed, right now.  Elizabeth Gilbert, in her bestselling book, East, Pray, Love tells of a friend who sees a beautiful place and exclaims, “It’s so beautiful here, I want to come back some day!”  What she fails to realize, is that she is already here!  She needs to enjoy this beautiful place NOW.  She needs to stop and enjoy the mangos!

If you find yourself always worrying about the future, stop! Remember that the future is not guaranteed.  Try to take a deep breath and simply enjoy the present.  Enjoy the mangos!